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Public Works and Engineering

Apart from the services that SOT offers to Archaeology, it offers a survey service for Engineering and Public Works, which aids the planning of works with a depth of up to 5m that have to be done in the subsoil. The possibility of acting quickly and the fast delivery of results allow professionals in this area to react with speed in situations where excavation can be complex.

Surveys by means of georadar and the time-slice visualising technique provide precise images (on the three axis) of objects such as pavements, tanks and utility networks, and allow us to establish wall thickness. The application of one or more geophysical survey systems can cover wide areas in short time (2000m2 per day in flat areas) and offer preliminary results in just a few hours.

Results of the GPR survey of a factory in Polinyà (Polinyà, Catalonia, Spain).

Nau industrial Polinyà