Magnetometry is one of the most used technique around the world. It can enable large non-urban areas to be surveyed in a relatively short timeframe with causing no disruption allowing you to delimitate areas of interest. It is used as well to detect specific archaeological features as combustion areas, pits, storage pits, and some more.


GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

SOT has a long experience on the use of GPR and all its applications. SOT uses different systems and frequencies depending on the characteristics of each specific site to obtain the result with best quality.



Electrical Tomography has different applications and give us complementary information from the other techniques and give us further penetration data. SOT develops the high speed resistivity system, V4.



SOT offers extension surveys with metal detectors to locate areas with non-constructive structures as battlefields, UXO detection, forensic application and others.
The methodology is based on the georeferenced superficial material collected to create dispersion maps. Using this methodology doesn't allow you to know if the archaeological levels are affected.